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Dip.H.E. (Antenatal Teaching) NCT

Teaching Couples Everything They Need To Know About every type of Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and the Early months of Parenting

I’ve had over 25 years’ experience teaching antenatal courses as a fully qualified NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Antenatal Teacher, having had the privilege of coaching nearly 900 couples towards a better birth.

Why Antenatal Classes?

Pregnancy is a time of huge change with feelings of excitement through to uncertainty – all completely normal! With hormones working overtime and everything feeling incredibly intense, it’s thrilling and confusing by turn. Antenatal classes help ground you by equipping you with detailed knowledge about every type of birth, be it natural or with interventions; be it with drugs or a caesarean. It’s about finding the right birth for you. My classes prepare you with everything you need to find your strengths and rise to the challenge of your unique birth.

You’ll receive comprehensive, realistic information on every aspect of pregnancy; labour and birth; pain management and all forms of pain relief available in hospitals; advice on working with medical professionals to achieve your optimum birth; plus guidance on early parenting. All through fun, interactive teaching using artwork and charts to inform, guide and clearly explain everything a birthing couple needs to know.

Antenatal classes also give you and your partner a welcome and timely  opportunity to reflect and explore  your feelings  about your baby, your birth and your relationship together in a warm, relaxed, confidential atmosphere.

Classes are also a great way to meet like-minded people at the same life-stage as you and start building a support network and group of friends to last a life time.

Rediscover inner confidence in your body and trust it to do its amazing work – just as you have the natural ability to breathe, so your body KNOWS how to bring your baby into this world. You’ll surprise yourself, as you shed your anxieties and worries and let empowerment take their place, with your incredible ability to birth your baby.

And remember, however your birth turns out, whether it be with interventions or using the full pain relief of your choice; whether it be an assisted delivery or a caesarean-section – with the health and emotional well-being of mother and baby at the forefront – it will be the right birth for you and your little one.

                                                                                 …. One thing’s for sure, It’ll be the adventure of your life! 


Which one is right for you?

One To One

A One-to-One private, bespoke course is at a time of your choosing and allows me to sculpt the course to exactly reflect all your individual needs and requirements, giving you the time and privacy to air your concerns, particular issues and any personal worries you may have. Basically you and your partner have the ‘floor’ – it’s your special space.

Group Sessions

On the other hand, a Group Course offers a ‘ready-made’ support group of like-minded couples, all at the same life-stage, with whom you can share this precious time. Additionally, you learn so much by sharing and hearing other people’s stories and feelings – in particular it helps you to realise how normal your own worries and anxieties are!


A Refresher is great fun because you’ve been there, done that, worn the nightie! Now you’re reappraising your previous birth(s) and, with the benefit of some analytical hindsight, you can re-evaluate what happened, talk through and come to terms with what might have been difficult, love what went well and, importantly, consider what you might like to do differently this time around.


Having a baby is an extraordinary business, bringing with it a variety of equally extraordinary emotions. Some are breath-taking, new and joyous, while others can surprise you by not being feelings of outright happiness, or just quite different from those you expected. Talking it all through is therapeutic, practical and a great relief.


My Happy Clients!

My wife and I were able to go into labour with confidence thanks to Andrea’s methodical and comprehensive sessions. Andrea warmly answered all our questions and gave us all the information we needed to take home with us. If you are looking for relaxing, open and wide-ranging antenatal classes, you will thoroughly enjoy these Plus One classes
Eli B.
"Andrea’s antenatal classes equipped us with the knowledge we needed to make good decisions and feel more comfortable as delivery approached. But we also found Andrea a trusted advisor after classes ended – I even called her with questions when I was in labour! I highly recommend learning with her."
Andrea R.
City of London
"Thank you so much for the antenatal classes. You really gave us a clearer picture as to the birthing process and what to expect. We really enjoyed the sessions and the warm and caring environment you provided."
Devorah and Netanel R.
"About the atmosphere: Andrea made the classes so welcoming and warm, it instantly made me want to open up to her about my fears and hopes during this pregnancy and for the birth. I felt so comfortable in her presence and also loved the mini tea breaks."
Rebecca Freed
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