Why take a Postnatal Course?

Having a baby is an extraordinary experience … so it’s obvious you are going to feel a whole variety of equally extraordinary feelings. They’ll all be breath-taking, some are new, amazing and completely joyous, some of them are not.  

It’s quite, quite normal to experience feelings that totally surprise you and they are not all of the happy variety or the expected ones you thought you’d have.  There may be an array of bewildering emotions including uncertainty, confusion, numbness, even disappointment, and they can be scary and overwhelming at a time when you anticipated just easy happiness and contentment.  

You may be thinking ‘How hard can it be?’; ‘Why can’t I cope when it seems everyone else can?’.  Quite frankly, you’ve a million questions on feeding, crying and sleeping (regarding the baby, but it equally well could apply to mum!), and everything’s changed with everyone and finding ‘you time’ is almost impossible. 

Worry not, my dear friends, every emotion you experience is part of the rich tapestry of early parenthood, they’re real and so normal.  In the eye of the storm, experiencing this whirlwind of feelings and emotions, along with the extreme tiredness that follows birth, you might not know which way to turn. 

Certainly communication between mum and partner is essential, but with both of you as exhausted as each other, it sometimes helps to turn to someone else, as talking about it really can help. A Postnatal Discussion and Support Group offers professional support, as you navigate this new territory of being a mum, while still trying to be a partner and sane human being! 

I usually suggest to come with your baby from just born to about a year (mums, any age!) as issues may not immediately make themselves known but creep up on you, so postnatal discussion has a place to play well into your first year as a new parent. 

I may not be able to give you an easy solution but I can help you find resolution – peace of mind, and a realistic understanding of your untapped strengths and practical strategies on how to cope.  After all, as I always stress, you gave birth to your child and, as its mother, your instincts are sound – you just have to believe in yourself and listen to them. 

I’m here offering empathetic listening; practical guidance on setting realistic goals, constructive advice and soul strengthening reassurance. A Postnatal Discussion group will cover a range of pertinent issues, including: 

  • Debriefing your birth and coming to terms with how it went – perhaps turning out differently to what you expected
  • Practical help with breastfeeding and baby care
  • An opportunity to talk through your experiences, hopes and disappointments of labour and birth
  • Help & advice about the baby blues or postnatal depression
  • How to deal with a crying baby who doesn’t sleep much 
  • Treating your body gently after the challenges of birth
  • Setting up an effective support network of friends and helpers
  • Discussing future plans – do you still want to go back to work? Or, can’t get there quick enough?  
  • Ways to help you balance your life in this new world order of babies and parenting

Postnatal Course

(3 x 2.5hr classes)


Dear Andrea We wanted to thank you for the wonderful NCT course. It really helped to make the delivery enjoyable and positive experience for all of us, thanks for all your help and enthusiasm.
Jennifer and Jonathan
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