I’m Expecting – it’s gonna take me Nine Months to Get Used to the idea!!!

That’s okay ladies, because its a huuugggeee idea and nine months gestation really does help you to get used to it!

So, today I thought I’d blog a bit about how to stay clam in the early months of pregnancy when it’s really just you and your partner who know about ‘you know what’ and nobody else is in on the secret. Well apart from your mum or mum-in-law who keep muttering under their breath ‘why are you wearing those loose flowy tops that you usually hate’, and your bff who slyly says ‘not eating pate or drinking wine at the moment are we??’ with a nudge and a wink.

Apart from them, no one else knows anything and we want to keep it that way until you are ready to share with the world. And that my friends, is totally up to you. You may want to release the news at 3 months or you might want to reside a little longer in the sweet oasis of privacy..

There are no rules – it’s personal choice (as indeed is which hospital you decide to go to to give birth; who you take with you as your birth partner; how you move and breathe through labour itself – yes guys, the whole kit and kaboodle of pregnancy and birth is all about choice – much more on that later). Anyway my point is this is gonna be your pregnancy; your birth and your baby – so enjoy finding out everything you can about this wonderful adventure and I’m here to help you explore.

Basically it’s just the two of you, initially, who are thrilling silently to the news, oh and one other person – the little growing baby inside, the one taking advantage of a cosy ‘womb’ for one with all amenities supplied: heating; warm water; constant food; lovely accommodation!

So, with such a small audience for your thoughts and anxieties (there are always some and it’s so normal to have a few worries) it can get a little tricky and tensions can rise. Therefore, here’s a few brief points on how to cope during these early days of pregnancy:

  1. You are going to feel tired, so prepare the way. Tell your partner and hint to your friends, work colleagues that you’re a wee bit more tired than usual so you’ll give the ice rink/safari park/restaurant/theatre (wow, an exciting life you lead) a miss this time around or say you have other plans. This will also help you get a little more comfortable with the idea, and change your mindset that there’s another person in your life now – slowly slowly catchee monkey (now don’t ask me what that really means but it’s more or less – ease yourself gradually into the idea that life is gonna change!)
  2. Pamper yourself, acknowledge that this new little person inside is being grown by you and you need to eat well, sleep well and relax well. Again, don’t feel you have to carry on your 24/7 schedule as normal and build in breaks, rests, treats and basically be good to yourself. I know that might be a new departure! But your health and well being (both physically and mentally) are paramount to help your body continue to beautifully grow and develop this incredible new human being inside. Being nice to Mummy-to-be is the order of the day
  3. If you feel you really do need someone else to talk to, perhaps consider bringing a close friend into your confidence. The ‘not telling peeps until you are three months’ is not written in law! It’s really just that by that stage you feel more confident that all’s going according to plan and you can spread the word. But in truth, if it would help you, then there’s no reason not to bring on board a close confidante who you can talk to and share feelings with (and it’ll be a great relief to your partner too).
  4. Consider writing a journal about these early days. It’s interesting to write down your thoughts about your baby and it will be fun looking back once they are born. It’s also a good way to release the worries by committing them to paper (or screen!) and helps clear your head and clarify those anxieties. Then, when you realise exactly what you are worried about, get some help on the issue so you can deal with it and not continue to fret. Pregnancy is a time of great change and it’s good to get into the habit of seeking support.

Most peeps attend antenatal classes when they are about 7 months pregnant but up until then it’s still important to talk and get input on your feelings. So, guys, you can contact me anytime for advise even before we meet at the classes. Antenatal teaching is as much abut the pregnancy itself as it is about the labour and birth. So check out my website, go to the comments page and be in touch. I’d be delighted to help. Speak soon x Andrea x

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